Of all the places, of all the subjects, we somehow found ourselves at Wichita State University studying Graphic Design together. Somehow, the universe intertwined our stories. We all come from different backgrounds, are different ages, and have had different experiences. These differences define us and unite us. We embrace each other and celebrate our little moment in time in which we all get to know one another and work together toward our common goal. The theme, By A Thread, celebrates the connection we have to each other and the universe. Stemming from the lore of the Red String of Fate, we have created an atmosphere of connections between our histories and our work. We will always remain connected by a thread.

Closing Reception| Final Friday, April 28, 6-10p


Shiftspace Gallery
416 S Commerce #102, Wichita, KS


Su-Tu Closed
W-Sa 1p–4p